Sunday, January 3, 2016

Springtime In January

So today I turned the compost pile, and it let off so much heat that my hubby felt it as he walked the dog about 10ft away. The main component in it is horse manure, with about an equal amount of leaves, hay and the odd bit of kitchen scraps and garden waste.

And I finished another garden bed, with a third started. I'm putting all the manure that has hay with it in the compost, and the stuff with leaves or dirt in the garden.

2nd bed, I added another 2 wheelbarrows and covered it. 1st bed is in the back.

Start of the 3rd

1st bed, threw sticks on it to keep the wind from blowing off the last layer. That dug up area behind it is where the original kitchen grease trap is, we have to get a new lid for it before we can re-bury it.
Then I wandered around out front taking pictures of all the bushes in bloom. I cant get over this crazy winter. It did hit 30 overnight, and will be mid 30s at some point tonight, but these plants are thinking springtime already!

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