Monday, January 28, 2019

Moved Again!

Well, once again a lot has happened. Our little place in Ga is up for sale, and we have moved back to Virginia.

I gave all my chickens away to folks looking for laying hens- and I know when we retire I'm only going to have three hens at a time well secured but with plenty of space. Our last year in Ga made the chicken hawks happy, I think they got 4 of them.

 I finished up the front pasture right at the end of that working vacation I took, the horses were super excited.

 We also replaced the dark floor in the house with a light, beautiful bamboo and opened up a wall which added so much space and light! And we built a new pantry which I sadly never got to actually use.
 We are living on a horse farm! It is so awesome! And I have time to really focus on my handmade jewelry.