Saturday, January 2, 2016

Introducing Roxy

When I woke up this morning I had no idea that the day would go as it did.

I was in the midst of my normal routine, and was about to start a new lasagna garden bed, when my hubby popped outside and asked if I still wanted to go look at dogs. Which I did, with full intention of going slow and finding the right match for us, multiple visits, etc.

Off we went to the Petco in Statesboro, where the local humane society has their adoptable dogs at on Saturdays. The first dog I saw took my breath away- huge 6 yr old brindle mastiff style dog, mild mannered, curious, house broken, OK with cats, everything we were looking for... except he already has had surgery on his back legs, and is not allowed to run so he does not re-tear the weakened muscles. He is with a foster who loves him now, and so we moved on to the next pup.

The next little guy stole my heart, and I about cried reading through his info- thrown away at 3 months old. Found and received medical care at 6 months, in the foster program sense then. Also good with cats. But- he jumps on people and doesn't listen when told no, no matter how firm the foster mom makes her voice. Which we could work through. He also cowers away from anything, which we cant really work through as part of what we are looking for is a guard dog.

Onto the next one, a retriever mix that was cute, but had a happy family swarming him at that point... the next one, who barks a lot, at everything... and the next who is a vicious little ankle bitter... and the next was a retriever puppy, cute, but not quite what we were looking for, followed by 2 cats, one pissed at everyone and the other crashed out asleep, and then a little copper pittmix, 2 years old.

The little copper pittmix's name is Roxy. She is calm, even when the vicious little ankle bitter was walked past, yapping ferociously at her. She doesn't bark at anything, doesn't chew anything, is alert and pays attention to everything, doesn't jump on people, isn't overly excitable, gets along with cats, has been around horses with no problems. Is house broken.

 And is also currently asleep on a pillow beside my husbands desk. 
In the back of the barn car

Looking for a better view

Asleep, after a pretty long day.
She is small- 37 pounds. She was a stray before being found- she wandered up the driveway to the farm house of the people who became her fosters. They have had her for 3 or 4 months - absolutely love her but have several other dogs, and Roxy's only vice is that she doesn't like other dogs. She has had puppys before, but no idea how long ago. She is positive for heartworms, had the big treatment for them last month, and will have the monthly treatment forever.

We are fostering her, and if she turns out to be a good fit, we will adopt. Currently way to soon to tell. Hubby walked her past the horses, on the outside of the fence, and Litta who spooks at everything could care less as she has been around dogs before. Sierra was very interested, ears so far forward they could have touched her muzzle. She walked to the fence- stalked really- and intently watched Roxy then looked to Litta, and looked back at the strange little chestnut colored thing on 4 legs. Hubby walked her closer, so she was almost at the fence. Sierra lowered her head closer, sniffed, snorted and decided to ignore her.

One of the cats (Oak) came down the hall, saw Roxy, arched his back and walked sideways/backwards up the hall. Oak came back out a little later, arched his back again, hissed, and walked up the hall again. Roxy saw him this time, and went down the hall to say hi. Oak turned, arched back, arched higher, hissed. Roxy retreated, then came back again, a little slower. Oak - still arched - hissed again, and this time when Roxy backed away, Oak went after her and struck claws across nose, hissing louder. Roxy "fell" to the floor, barking a little, snarling, and still backing away. Daughter and I intervened, yelling "NO" at both of them. Oak retreated to a bedroom doorway, Roxy to my hubbys feet. 

I strongly suspect she will fit in OK, the cats and she will work it out. I was very impressed that instead of biting this orange ball of fluff that had just scratched her, she just barked and backed away, though it was a little dramatic with the "falling" bit... 

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