Monday, March 21, 2016


Spring is here!
Well, I suppose based on the weather, spring has sort of been here since fall, with winter trying to break in once a week or so..

But the trees knew it was winter, and now, they know its spring!!!!!!!

This is my second favorite season, with Fall in first place by a wide margin :)
Being in a new place for spring is very cool, I get to see what is growing where, and what is no longer living, and what needs to be trimmed/pruned back.

And almost all the pasture seed I have spread is growing, with the exceptions being the areas the girls decided to race and spin through.

I've still got about 1/2 a pasture to finish seeding, and there is a large are I'm not to sure what to do with yet- it is covered with dog fennel, which can cause health problems in horses. I've been digging it up as I find it through the rest of the fields. Its a tricky weed- spreads by root, runner, and seed. The roots break very easily. I've even found where last years stems were broken off, and just by touching the ground these dead looking stems are sending out little roots and little sprouts. I am building a pile out of them, and going to burn them when I am done seeding. But that large area is really to big to pull individually, and if I till I think I would end up with thousands more. I'm trying to contact the county Ag Dept to see what they recommend. Maybe burning? 

But Back to Spring!!! Woot!!

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