Monday, December 28, 2015

Thoroughbred cutting horse???

Today the girls might have been playing. My husband and I were taking a short break from moving the old t-posts from where I have been tossing them to the ground after finally getting them free, along with the bottom 10 inches of old fence that they were attached to underground, to a little pile by the workshop. We were talking close to the fence around the small field, and at first, Litta was keeping Sierra away from me. Every time Sierra tried to head towards where I was, Litta would chase her off, and some of her moves made me think she should have been a cutting horse. Once she would get Sierra over by the shelter, she would either come over to the fence by me and sniff me, then walk off or she would stand and pretend to ignore Sierra- much like a cat does when playing with a mouse. Sierra would wait til either Litta had moved away from me or until Litta looked away from her, then she would make a quick "sprint" past Litta and run up to the fence, with Litta hot on her tail. So by the time Sierra reached the vicinity of me, she was half bucking and snorting and sliding to a stop to turn and run back towards the shelter, again with Litta right behind her, almost biting distance. Litta would hang back once Sierra cleared the corner post, and watch to see what she was going to do, then cut her off again and again.
Old photos, didn't have my phone on me today.

 Then it sort of changed. Sierra would snort at Litta, and start her half bucking and running , but she was watching Litta, and nodding at her while she was doing it. Litta let out this great big snort and started mimicking Sierra, doing the little half bucks and running with her instead of chasing! Its was awesome to watch.
 They kept getting (in my opinion) way to close to the fence before stopping, and I told Sierra that there was a much longer field right over there that she could run much further in- and they did it! They trotted to the very back, slowing to look at me often- it reminded me of a couple kids making sure their mom was watching. Once they reached the back fence line they looked at me again, snorted, bucked, and flew back up to the little field- barley skidding to a stop in time to not wipe out the fence. Crazy Crazy Mares :)

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